Code Lock Cupboard - Remove objects enabled!

In the old days it was possible to remove walls and everything else as long you where authorised at the cupboard.
You removed this option because people griefed the base after they found the cupboard.
Imo the idear of just removing the option was bad.
You should insted have thinked about other solutions that could have solved this problem!

Im really tired of not being able to remove stuff i build by a mistake…

So i got an idear i thought i would share.

Why not just enable the remove option again and make a build in code lock in the cupboard?
Or the ability to attach a code lock?

This would fix the griefing problem without taking away a really important option - the ability to remove objects!!

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“How would a code lock change anything? I could just destroy your cupboard and put down my own.”

  • Making the cupboard undestroyable for unauthorised people… Or the ability to upgrade the cupboard…

Response to edit:
Cupboards cannot and will not be indestructable, for a variety of really pretty common sense reasons. And barring that, this simply postpones the devastation by a couple of minutes.

  • “Making the cupboard undestroyable for unauthorised people…”

“If that was the case, what would stop me from placing locked cupboards all over the map, denying any other players the ability to build anywhere?”

  • Unless they made a a maximum number of cupboards you can place…
    Imo still a better idear than just removing the remove tool…

I understand there are problems with my idear and there is not a simple solution for this.
I would appreciate if people had other idears how we could adress this issue??

Look, I think demolish is great… but it’s not realistic and it leads to lots of abuses. It’s my understanding you still get a few minutes on vanilla to remove a component before it’s sealed in place. Plan carefully, build carefully, check your work before you upgrade. Alternatively, there’s mods with demolish enabled.

As for cupboards being locked to a single person… that’s simply another word for “ownership”. And then we may as well go back to tagging foundations to a person’s name. That’s not what Rust is about, thankfully, and the devs have said they have no plans to go in that direction. If I raid your house, like the layout and want to move in… the house becomes mine. That’s how Rust ought to work.

I like the code lock idea, but not the undestroyable idea.

They didn’t removed the ability to demolish only because of griefers. Home owners also abused it, they blocked themself in their bases, removed stairs and so on before they logged out. It was bullshit.

Now you have to plan your base and use your brain. Foresight is the key. That’s the great about Rust. You learn from your mistakes and do it better next time.

Also you have like 10 minutes to demolish after placing a buildingpart, that’s not enough time to realise that you placed a wall wrong? You can also easily destroy a stonewall from the inside with 7-8 pickaxes.

Making stuff undestroyable is the wrong way. Everything should be destroyable.

What you could do is to play on a modded server with remove. Problem solved. No need to make the game easy mode for everyone.