Code Locks on Everything!

Here is code locks on everything I’ve manage to find so far.

I think the lantern is especially helpful if you live with others. Locking the repair bench has caused some funny reactions from the other base-mates so far.
Let me know if I missed any.

you missed the door lol. joke.

did you try the cupboard?

My guess is it’s a somewhat generic ‘container’ thing. You might be more likely to be able to put a code lock on a dead newman than a cupboard.

Yes! I haven’t tried this! I was also able to access the codelocks from the furnace and small box from the floor below.

edit- doesn’t work. Just tried.

Haha, I was thinking this would be hilarious now that corpses lay around for 30 mins. You could kill someone, lock their corpse, and then hide in the bushes and wait for them to return and try to access their body.

Just occurred to me- Put code locks on lanterns so you can actually find them in your house. I have the hardest time finding them but this fixed that.