Code Name Nicolai



It’s Nikolai. Sure, it’s a nice port, but the textures look bad.

Probably because it’s just the diffuse

With normal map, it should fix it.

it’s 3dsmax render view

i have normal maps and i apply them

Very Nice. I have always Wanted Nikolai. His a cool guy :3

You spelled the name wrong. It’s Nikolai… Otherwise, it’s a good model.

Looking quite promising. Great work so far.

i always thought that he looks like a goof.

Cpt.Price: Nikolai Soap Needs To Get Out Of Here! (forget how it goes)
Nikolai: Da. I Know A Place

Please, for the love of God, spell my brother’s name right! It’s Nikolai! No C!

(For the record, my brother’s name is actually Nikolai. No joke.)

when it gonna release? it look pretty cool

thanks for pointing out.