Code Name: Zombocalypse - New Style of Game-mode - requesting help from the community

I have removed my game-mode from this website.



I’ve been around since before I signed up in 2007 I have worked on many game-modes and lead entire gaming communities I am not simply an idea guy as you ignoramuses would like to rudely post.

To bad you trolls will just have shit-rp to play with in gmod gl with that.

Yeah, all of this is great and I’d love to have it, but right now it just sounds like an idea that will get lost in the deep pages of the forums.

[editline]3rd July 2011[/editline]

Care to name a few? I’m honestly curious, not trying to be a troll.

Yes im quite interested in the “game-modes” you’ve worked on and the “entire gaming communities” you have lead. And i find it funny how your telling lauscript he has a shit-rp, hahha, if you only knew.

They’re DarkRP edits, I’m sure. I just think it’s funny when people think we’re trolling them, we’re just being brutally honest.