Code: Red

That moment from 28 weeks later.

Nice aerial shot.

At parts a bit too bright but best blood I’ve seen in a long long while.
How did you do them?

Blurred layer with blood just a little bit and set blending mode to “Color Burn”

seems the second time Simon got hit by a car was the last

Nice job, mate. Have a winner for efforts and for that amazing blood.

Also, for this:

Well it’s good, but the blood is too blurry and too bright in some places. Mostly next to and on top of that white car.

I did laugh at Chuck though.

Interesting setup, kind of original but then again not. Good job.

See thisis what happens when you let Americans get involved in British zombie policies. This is cool, like others have said blood is a bit bright in some places, Chuck looks like he was on his bike and just slammed into that concrete barrier. Have an artistic.

That blood looks amazing.

those leaves at bottom right shouldn’t be there

i don’t know why people are praising the blood so much, to me it looks somewhat too bright, transparent and blurry, and it really could use some shading such as reflections too. the splatter on the white car looks 2d, and the perspective is wonky in a few other places too, like near that park bench left from the car