Code Repository Links

Post your github/bitbucket/sourceforce/google code/whatever links for others to peruse/learn from/plagiarise.

  • Destructible Doors
  • HUD Designer
  • TTT Loadout menu
  • And a bunch of other random stuff

I have a gamemode I was working on there, an entity base and that’s it, I helped Lenny with the leap motion module and Willox with the counter strike weapons base ( which isn’t done yet ).

Some stuff there.

I’m still largely getting used to using Github and it often makes me feel like an 80 year old using a computer for the first time

ZombieRP (wip. Yes, its DarkRP based…) gamemode on there as well as other misc scripts.

Most of my shit is on workshop tho.

-GryMod + Dev Resources (ActionScript, FLA code and shit)
-TrackIR module for windows
-CockWork module
going to be adding a lot more stuff soon (hopefully)

GLuaParser is unfinished, but I want to pick it up again.

Jeez, I have quite a few GMod related repos on there!

Not really much, might add some old stuff to it.

There’s forum software I never got round to making and a command system on there, probably going to add a load of DarkRP addons when my server eventually dies.

  • Traitor Inactivity Timer
  • Maybe cool stuff later
  • I think you can get to my branch of Acecooldev_base from here
  • NutScript (framework, HL2 RP, and Dissolution)
  • moderator
  • Pistachio

just a few lame things, a lot of my stuff is private for the time being and a lot of stuff I’ve just deleted :c

and a whole bunch of us use: (pm me for an invite)

Random shit

the amount of junk is real

Someone please fork Jackass. I got burnt out.

Haven’t really got my own projects on my github but here is what I worked on when I was using github to host my code.

I have a lot of stuff just hanging around on my old computer, might just dump my code and snipets some day.