Code to stop player from pocketing a certain entity.

Can someone please help me create a line of code or lua file that I can put entities in so that players cannot use the DarkRP pocket tool on those. The entity name is Dumpster and I don’t want them to be able to store that item in their pocket. The settings in DarkRP does not work, I have the model and the entity in there to be blacklisted but they are still able to pocket those items. Please help!

You can use the hook canPocket ( ) and then check for an entity property like noPocket that you set on the entities you don’t want to be pocketable.

I don’t know how to write any GLua, Would you be able to create the line of code and tell me where to put it at?

Sure thing, code:

Put it in: “We\are

hook.Add(“canPocket”, “NoDumpsters”, function(ply, ent)

if ent:GetClass() == "dumpster" then
	return false, "You can't do that on dumpsters"


You might wan’t to replace “dumpster” with the actual entity class.

Just create some file in lua\autorun\server and name it “whateveryoulike.lua” and paste the code.

EDIT: Just corrected the code, according to the documentation it was required to send a reason in case it would return false.

Pretty sure there’s a pocket blacklist in the config file

Edit; GM.Config.PocketBlacklist

Don’t have to put disrespectful remarks, it was a simple request, you aren’t contributing to my thread so don’t comment on it. For everyone else that helped, thank you very much. Hopefully I can get this to work.