~ Rest In Peace CODERHIRE

As we all know coderhire has said that it is shutting down. Coderhire will always put a piece of code into our hearts.
We should remember coderhire forever and to remember it, we should make another community deticated to coding. **
** I think coderhire was a great website. I couldn’t live without it. I got all my addons from it like SleekHUD, SleekSkin, etc.

I think it would be great if we started another community.

This community will be called code4us… I believe that this community will accomplish what coderhire didn’t…

For more information visit:

~Rest In Peace~
We will always remember you!

  1. dotTK is disgusting, don’t bother.
  2. Why the bold.
  3. Why the italics.
  4. Do you have anything to show?
  5. What did coderhire not accomplish?
  6. Why can you accomplish the above?
  7. How do you intend to do this?
  8. What experience do you have?
  9. Who else is behind this with you?


Your website is running SMF, you haven’t bothered to even change the news from SMF - Just installed…


Code4Us has no info in it…

I just posted it and the thread in the forum, and we made the forum a week ago, due to school, I couldn’t do that. We will upgrade later to .com. What am I supposed to make it just plain text? It is a THREAD. Yes, I have experience with HTML and PHP. I said I think we COULD accomplish what coderhire DIDN’T and YES IT HAS INFO ON FORUM.

10/10 I’m totally buying this game!

8/10 theres no nekked ladys

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gathering evidence 1 sec

Not a game, and what’s the problem with it? I said I WILL be posting information on

If you can’t be bothered to spend $10 on a domain then why should we trust you with any of our information what-so-ever?

Please leave this thread, OP is not worthy of the Lord’s presence.

OP, fuck off.


Its getting hard to keep track of how many duplicates of coderhire we are going to have.

I knew there would be duplicates but I didn’t know that peoples would try this hard and this quick to throw shit at us.


I wasn’t expecting literal shit.

I went to that site… and this:

So you just have an IDEA and a cheap domain name and want everyone else to pitch in and create a site for you? Oh dear…

The entire OP reads like a cheesy obituary except ITS FOR A WEBSITE. If you can’t live without Coderhire then you are exactly whats wrong with the Gmod community; out with original or free content, all stuff must be paid for. Plus people slapped CH addons on their server cause the sellers had people convinced its “sleek” and “unique” which turned a ton of Gmod servers into the lovely CoderhireRP or CoderhireTTT. Dont be “that guy” whose only contribution is ideas and a free domain…

Obligatory “Enough with the Coderhire threads already…”

nice, you just told me exactly what I said.

whats with all of new people making threads because they can’t no longer waste 300$+ on lua scripts for their DarkRP servers?

Feel free to remake the thread if you produce enough content to justify but for now I feel it is best to lock this.