Codec Dialog box doesn't appear when "startmovie {namehere} avi" is entered in the console

Hello. Let me start over…

I’m trying to record a Garry’s Mod video, but the codec Dialog box doesn’t appear when “startmovie {namehere} avi” is entered in the console. I don’t want to do a RAW record because that coughs up a shitload of tga files. I don’t want Fraps either because Fraps is ass.

Where can I find a fix for this?


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It’s an engine error, we just have to wait for garry to fix it. I know it’s a pain in the ass because I was wanting to try using source recorder to do some motion blur processing which requires a framerate of 180. For a 43 second sequence at 1080p that’s about 43gb of TGA files.

43GB? Wow, that woulda clogged my hard drive.