CodeForage :: A Garry's Mod Addon Store

Hello and welcome to CodeForage!

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is :snip: and I am a web/graphic designer.
I have been working on a project to innovate on the essence of selling Garry’s Mod addons and requesting custom addons.

What is CodeForage?
CodeForage is a brand new Garry’s Mod script-selling store that has been created with design, security, and user-friendliness in mind.
I have started this project a few months back, and now, it’s finally here.

One may wonder why they should switch to CodeForage, and that is the right question to ask.
CodeForage includes many ground-breaking features which include;

  • Selling of Scripts
  • Requesting custom scripts through the ‘Jobs’ section
  • Private Messaging
  • SSL-Certificate-Secured Payments

If you have any questions/comments/concerns or any feedback that you would like to provide, feel free to post it!

CodeForage Status: BETA 1.0


Looks good!

Theres already scriptfodder, which is well known, so developers lovely sell their scripts on SF since there are more people to buy the scripts.

Oh dear, this thread again…
[insert ASCII drama tsunami here]

3rd thread and he still hasn’t changed the stolen roblox theme.

  • SNIP - Removed at request of Thread Creator

he could get banned for spamming, right?

This is something I don’t understand. Has history taught you, the creator, nothing about trying to act like something never happened? Security flaws, apathy towards criticism, and bad press did ensue; don’t deny it. Instead, acknowledge it and actively work to fix those dispositions people have now formed. This is a strategy independent of what you are trying to promote or sell – censorship or a verbal security through obscurity is never a viable option towards a successful product or business.

This looks amazing keep up the good work baby


Correction, 2nd thread :slight_smile:

So when are you going to stop stealing from others to benefit yourself?

So, has anything changed since last time you made this post?
The website looks the same to me.

The images of the scripts are still stretched out.
Still using 10 different fonts. (at least weights/sizes)
So yeah nothing has changed on the outside. :unimpressed:

If you changed some things I might actually like it :stuck_out_tongue: at this moment I am a bit Mweh.

I thought the point of shutting down the old thread was to change the look of the site and fix things you have changed almost nothing from what I can see

Indeed many things have changed including security fixes, styling changes, back-end code changes, and a better UI.

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Indeed that’s the point of shutting down the old thread. This thread is because CF was 100% re-coded on the back-end + partially re-stylized.

Please log in to see the biggest changes.

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A new feature that was added was the freelance jobs section.

You might want to partially re-stylize the theme you stole you said you were going to change almost a month ago now

It has been restyled since I said that.

I don’t care if its stolen theme or not. It’ll be nice to have something other than ScriptFodder let the population control what they want to use. I use ScriptFodder because its the only thing, I would love to try new things out.

Also, put up a community forums. +1 for ignoring everybody and doing something you wanna do.

I really don’t like the theme it self…
And what is different from this site than scriptfodder?

I personally don’t mind this, go for it man. But being realistic, best case scenario; you’d get a few banned devs from scriptfodder as a niche, worst case scenario you’ll never take down the monopoly that the great big server men have with ScriptFodder