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I hate to say you wasted your time and money… but you definitely wasted your time and money.

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Then you wasted time only.

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Am I accidentally getting a mobile theme on my desktop or is that just how it looks

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Although worth noting. Your private information is INCREDIBLY easy to find. Home Address, Name, Phone number. Took less than 2 minutes. I can tell you exactly how via P.M. or over steam, however other people will be able to find this information just as easily.

I don’t want to push to boat out too far with proof for this, however your post code ends in ‘2X7’.


Also seems like your dad’s (I would guess) email address is on some weird website. That and your Facebook profile is set to public. Anyway, I guess I have been enough of a creep for one day. If you need help hiding all of this information, just give me a shout, I’ll help you clear things up :slight_smile:

P.S. Tell your dad to get off porn site :v:

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There is already WAYY too many CoderHire clones and people are tired of seeing new ones popping up.

This guy has been nothing but gracious in the face of criticism. Don’t be a dick.

You should look in to the HTML base element ( or absolute URLs ( rather than these hacky relative URLs all prefixed with “…/…/”.

I find enjoyment in the fact that your site’s name is just synonyms of “Script” and “Fodder”.

Your thing needs payment to post paid sripts, definatly not a good place for me… And second, I don’t like security wholes… Sorry…

Seems interesting, guess we’ll see how it plays out.

Is there? There’s ScriptFodder and CodeForage now, I don’t know of any others. CoderFlow closed down not too long ago.

It’s popular, it’s easy, and potentially can net you bux. Those are the three key ingredients in anything pop culture in GMod.

Sorry, what? I feel like you replied to the wrong person.

As in, there’s bound to be many rip-offs and clones. That’s how anything popular in GMod works.

Oh I’m aware that more are bound to pop up, Melted Bu11et made it sound like there was a ton already. I was simply wondering what clones are out there right now, as I haven’t heard of very many.[/t]



It all just seems so similar, as if you have taken some from scriptfodder :confused: