CodeForage ?

I would like to know why a Staff of CodeForage send Message in French Forum to recruit a man to upload script in your market ?
CryptAlchemyt please answer …


  1. I got no understanding of what are you trying to achieve by writing this.
  2. ‘partenariat’ - Not english.
  3. CodeForage has its own thread.
  4. ‘Fuck you’ ? how old are you? 7?

Fuck you it’s just a CryptAlchemyt SPAMMING French Forum to have 1 man to upload script in CodeForage


Got a link? I’m genuinely curious and would love to read this.

Yes 2sec

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It’s MP not thread

Seems way more desperate than I originally thought. He is just trying to make it seem more credible.


Guess it really was CodeFromage all along