Codelock cheat plz help and fix it asap

3 days ago some cheater stole 3 houses my friends…i thought they had easy pw 5454 and cheater was lucky and found it …but 10 min ago on facepunch frankfrut 1 proc (while i was on roof and build house) some naked guy with crossbow coming to my gates with 1 try without any shock unlock my codelock and changed pw on gates then he run away and didnt try to enter, it was new pw new house no 1 knew it, only my friends but they were offline. with 90% i think it was and he is, as i know, steal bases from my friends 3 days ago…so im sure it is a new cheat and u MUST do all for fix it asap coz its game ruin cheat…and now i cant enter my base coz cant open the gates…but anyway what point if i go sleep he come again and will change all pw on rest doors. and im not a dumb or noob i have 4100h in rust… mb admin can check it in logs? if he contact me i can say what pw was/time and mb in logs he can find who changed it

yy and dont think like it was green on codelock by miss click or what, lock was red 100% coz first time was sound like door is closed and he dont know pw, and in 0.1sec unlock sound and in another 0.2sec changed pw sound.

Your English is terrible so it’s kind of hard to understand but I find it very suspicious that the dude only owns Rust and has no other game. Might be a hacker who was banned on his main so he bought Rust again. Not sure about the code lock thing though, don’t know if it’s possible

why admins no respond?..

Because what your saying is pretty much impossible, they fixed all these exploits over a week ago. the only way to find a code on a code lock would be to bruteforce it by typing in every possible combination. And to do this it would take a hell of a lot longer then “0.1 seconds” and with the shock damage they added to the code lock, this is impossible to do without first dying a couple hundred times. What your saying is impossible.

Well 5454 is an easy password, maybe he just guessed it.

read all my post…

it was not 5454 pw…it was my personal hard pw…

how is there an hard pw with 4 diggits?

Sounds like exactly what would happen if he just straight up knew your code. He just straight up knew your code. Don’t tell your friends the code in voice chat.

Maybe one of your friends accidently left the codelock unlocked and some naked dude took his chance.

Maybe what happened was there was a sudden power outage due to an EMP blast rendering your code locks useless giving the player time to hack into the motherboard of your mainframe CPU device on your code locks and reroute the codes to something different.
Ya, that’s probably what happened.