Codelock Lights (make them go off please)

Codelocks are great. Everyone loves codelocks. Where would we be without codelocks.

Now thats established, can we please make the ‘locked’ light go off after a door has been opened? It’s a big visual indicator of where the good stuff is. Locked boxs. Locked doors etc. If you are trying to be low key then having a shining red rudolf nose on your door does not help. No one uses normal locks because they are just useless and only designed to make new players cry.

Green for unlocked could stay on forever so you know you left it unlocked. But red for locked would flash on only when someone tried to open your door (or whatever) and failed.

Like bringing a dubstep-gun in splinter cell.

Well, there it is, the disadvantage of a code lock. Use a key lock then? All you guys are doing is complaining about balance, there you go!

Also, it would need a source of electricity.

hi y need it too walk around my rooms ath night whitout artificial light…

less brightness always, buth dont remove it totally :slight_smile:

How about a penis scanner, where you insert your unique penis to unlock the door?

We wont talk with you about it. Sorry, wrong forum.

That’s why i always build on the coasts, i have the door facing the ocean so the code lock light glows away from the land.

Bro, ypu’re feeling wayy too safe about water in these comments for our suggestions. You cannot tell me, water is safe, I am the one who discovered, that there are airdrops underwater. They surely wont look underwater anymore, and discover both stash and house.

I am sorry, wrong thread. I cannot find a way to delete this post. Just ignore it. :slight_smile: