Codelock permission

Be able to add someone permission to open, close the door but without saying the password.
A similar system as the bed can share with a friend.
Choose whether I want to spend the password or not, equal to bed.

I was playing solo, Then I was offline for a while.

When I came back my house had Been broken into, but nothing broken and the password changed.

They redbourn all the items of the boxes but the house was intact.

many in the server Were hacked anyway. It was not just me.

When I woke up the name of my bed I had been changed to (You were invaded)

I wanted to know what it is? hack? noclip? bug? Exploit?
or just easy password?

1 - It was in vanilla server. But already it happened in all servers

2 - Do not found the Tool Cupboard, was intact.

3 - I had 3 doors at home and all with different passwords.

4 - The house was high and closed.

If hacker or bug, please fix it.

And if possible Increase the number of digits of the code lock for 6 or 8 numbers.
be able to choose the amount of numbers 4-8

maybe they blew the door?

All doors were there with the same passwords
I said that all doors I have has different password.

Possible that he got youre Cupboard and just closed it of and reseted the wall so you can keep playing