Codelocks could work differently... how about an alternative type?

I noticed the icon for them is for the manual kind. You think it would be better to maybe have two types of codelock? The one we have now, and a manual one. No light. That could be a default BP.

The reason is that the light is visible at night time and is a pretty big give away for doors through windows etc. But a manual codelock would require you to input the code each time you opened it :slight_smile: adding a certain amount of peril to getting in XD

i’m not sure i agree about having a manual code lock, but i agree that the light is a giveaway. i’d be happy enough for it to just be a green/red indicator that doesn’t provide any light, so can’t be seen at night by any player.

It would let people make secure buildings without barrel hunting first. But the drawback would be having to remember your code and being vaulnerable while opening the door :slight_smile: then the automatic codelock would require the battery to craft. Which makes more sense imo.

But yes the red light needs to go. It can show green when it’s unlocked, and no light when it’s locked. The light isn’t even subtle either, it casts no light on anything it’s like an evil eye on your door pointing it out to everyone that there is loot here.

I use the lights to navigate inside my base at night without lights.

I think I’d rather see a combination lock, frankly. The player interface can remain the same, but just a simple combination lock on the door. Achieves the same effect and is somewhat more plausible.

How about a red light that gets brighter the closer you get. If you are 15ft or greater away, no light.

I like the idea of cheaper but crappier non-BP combo lock. Less convenience, less security–either suggestion would work.

As far as new locks… I’d love to see a toll lock. Pay the pre-set amount to open, then it closes after several seconds. The “owner” could get the stored toll and set the item and quantity necessary to open it. This would make toll roads/bridges a snap and could even work for gambling (“pick your box and pay your price–one of them has a guitar!”).

jeah … I’m not sure i’d be too happy as a new spawn to give away all my ressources to all Mount stations everywhere

Biometric-lock with uber expensive cost and ultra-rare drop rate FTW!

  • at least 3 sub-req BPs (ie. code-lock, battery, scanner/semi-conducter)
  • consumes tonnes of wood in crafting (fuel-costs+material component)
  • composed of wood, raw-metal, refined metal, and mica (new material-resource found in those crystal nodes)

'Cause code-locks crafted by cavemen are totally legit, why the heck not, eh!?