Codename: SomeRandomMap. coastal-industrial-urbanistic map.

well in the past weeks i started to work on a furniture factory but i expanded into a wip coastal town, its still expanding
so far the map looks like this:
Before you post comments: where are the light entities. (i can say that the light will be later but not now

Whole map (so far)

everything started here

a part of the factory, dumpster, parking lot

main office



Alley between Factory and Waste burning place

Inside the Waste Burning place

factory office hall

Ferry terminal and container yard

you can help me by giving me some building prefabs that you made (if you want) (i promise to give credit)
they must made atleast with hl2 content (or left4dead, only first one)

Windows need frames.

Not a bad starting for a city, I’d play on this.

Plz expand

that’s what i’m doing… duh

Look’s a lot better than what I was expecting. I expected some kid’s fullbright first map or something.

I would play on this to, keep going with it. Ill be intrested to see progress!

I actually like it. Keep going!

That is one groovy car.

ok started to work more on north side of the map

edited stuff:
-container yard has its own office (with a secret stairway)
-expanded ferry terminal
-additional park and building near
-a canal that splits the map with skybox

Give the map an attractive name.

“SomeRandomMap” makes me not want to even give this map a chance if I ever saw it on, for instance.

i named SomeRandomMap because the map still doesn’t have final name

What’s with the image looking like a pixelated GIF?

What’s happening right here

I’m scared.

It used to be a trash pipe

Now its removed because it was stupid