Coder for hire!

Hello, I am a a well experienced LUA coder. I am going to code for anyone for $30/hour! I know how to code dark RP jobs, and more. I will also setup your server completely, but only if you are paying for the server. If you are interested add me on steam.
My steam name is Deathz.

This isn’t the place to advertise, and you’re way over priced.

Some examples of your previous work would be pretty helpful, at the moment all we know if you do ‘DarkRP jobs’ which anyone can do.

Yet you spell it “LUA”.

Oh, give me a break.

If you write the language as LUA, you are not worth hiring. Thats the first red flag besides “coding” darkrp jobs. What have you actually made?

No previous history on the Facepunch forums, doesn’t actually link the steam account so I guess we have to guess which ‘Deathz’ it may be out of the many, can’t actually use grammar properly -

  • uses LUA instead of Lua and has no portfolio/references.

So asking for $30/hour is completely ridiculous and out of the question for any sane person.

This must be some really bad ass coding we are speaking.

Based on working 8 hours a day:
$30/h = $240/d
$240/d = $7200/m
$7200/m = $324,000/y (Working 45 weeks a year, idk how many days are holidays)

Average software engineer salary in america = $96,260

You are asking for over 3 times the average programmer salary, without showing proof of previous work, a portfolio, or any information on how to contact you except a steam name that 227 different people have. Good luck in the real world.


125% correct maths.

But 7,200 USD/month * 12 months/year is 86,400 USD/year

you can’t math:

31-8 weekends (a month)
8 hours a day
8*(31-8) = 184 hours a month
12 months in a year
184 * 12 = 2208 hours a year
30 dollars an hour
2208 * 30 = 66240 dollars a year

That’s not how you do it either, you DON’T use temporary monthly values because not all months have equal lengths. Actual value is this: $240/day * 5 days/week * 52.1775 weeks/year = $62613/year.
(And yes, 52.1775 is true number of weeks per year because 365 mod 7 != 0 and neither is 366 mod 7)

Regardless of math, OP is dumb

i never said it was 100% accurate
i was just saying his math was wrong

Facepunch gold here ladies and gents.

Was this a troll? I think it could’ve been a very, very successful troll.

He just messaged me his previous work, he has coded all the m9k weapons (including the special) into shipments where you can customize what job gets to sell them, the amount each shipment has of the weapon, and he price.

As you can see, a very high quality coder.

I gave my completely programming illereate friend an hour and a list of weapons and he did that for free (except with FA:S instead)

Hello. I am interested in hiring you. You seem pretty experienced, price is pretty low too. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to code the DarkRP jobs and add M9K weapons into shipments, well done mate, I’m impressed! Add me on Steam, I certainly need someone like you.