You guys will rate this as dumb cause you call it a copy of Coderhire. Everything that has been done in the past is a basically a copy

Coder-launch is a website that allows players to buy already coded for a certain amount of money that the coder has defined. All payment is done though PayPal.
Currently the job section is still being developed on and cause of that the add job button is not shown.

After you bought the script you will have access to the script and all future updates free of charge.

The site is still in beta and new things are constantly being developed to try make this different from CoderHire so that both sites can offer something unique to the site.

Some examples

Head over to

Well it’s great to see some competition :smiley:

If you know it’s a copy / know people are going to rate you box, why even bother posting? This is practically coderhire with a different suffix to the word “coder”, and a green instead of orange colour scheme.

Nice try, and while I don’t like coderhire, it’s the original system and I don’t think anyone is willing to change.

Honestly, the only people who would use this site is people who are banned from Coderhire.

The General Disruption of GLua.

The pay 2 get a script system??. If thats not the case would you mind posting what system you´re talking about and what a new system could do

Lets see how long it will take for a shitstorm to form.

He’s saying Coderhire has a monopoly over the script buying service; if it ain’t broke, why fix it? All your website is doing is reinventing the wheel.

This isn’t the competition coderhire needs its just a place for the banned coderhire people to sell there scripts.

There’s competition… Then there’s blatantly ripping off something.

Ripping off something today is really hard not do.

Look at things like Call of Duty. Its nearly the same every year just with new maps, better graphics and a few killstreaks/weapons else its just the same. You expect this to be made as a 2025 Coderhire site or what with high tech MMS script services??

I love how it says ‘we’ everywhere when in reality it’s just one sad kid who got banned from coderhire :zoid:

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

I think you just posted this knowing it’ll become a shitstorm.

Maximum aint banned from CoderHire he made the site he just asked me to make the FacePunch post.

So just because other people do it makes it okay for you?

okay then… Being associated with CoderHire or bad mouthing your clone is a bannable offence it seems.

Works well.

Agree. Clear your cache and try again. This is a issue that we are aware of.

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Clear your cache and try again. You´re not banned.

Then fix it.

What is the point of this? People could potentially put harmful stuff in their scripts, but no one would find out because it’s automatically approved.