Yes that is what im saying, you must be using json oor another way, i use xml, everyone else logged in fine,

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Go away kid.

XSS vulnerabilities everywhere.

i didnt purposely release it, word of mouth catched and over night i had 200 accounts.

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Ur proberley using some shit plugin that try to gues what vulnerabilities are there, they are very unacurate

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Anyway im not here to argue sorry if i cam across like i am, i would be happy to get support or maybe some advice., ok im goin to look into this steam login error thanks Mors Quaedam

If you would kindly visit this page:

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Oh fiddle sticks, this isn’t me!

Can i ask how you did it ?

XSS, but I guess I wouldn’t know much about it since I’m “proberley using some shit plugin that try to gues what vulnerabilities are there, they are very unacurate”

How did you do this sorcery.

I signed up, got some syntax errors, cleared my cache and apparently I am banned, despite doing the methods suggested on the first page

Why would you do this to me, I just want to buy some cool scripts

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Oh, I have a ’ in my steam name, that’s caused issues before with sql related things, could that be it


Maximum working on SQLite and retrieving data from Steam improvements. Nice one Matt you´re mostly the reason I posted this as you help us to locate bugs and exploits to fix them

Nice backpedaling.

But it uses MySQL?


I thought the reason you posted this thread was to help users find scripts and hire coders?

I refreshed and now the entire page is just white

r.i.p coder-launch
you had a good run

Thanks for your useful feedback Matt! <3

This is going to need a serious fix up.