Coder Needed - Details inside


20% of the $0 donations?

Sounds good. I’m in.

Joking, I’m not coding for you and I doubt anyone else will either

If you not going to be nice, please dont post only post if its helpful please.

Truth hurts

5 dolur and i teach you trick

sorry i live in bahamas


Also, I get rated dumb from a guy who labels himself a potato :v:

Updated post

Im sorry but judging by the quality of your post a lot of coders arent gonna go for it for a few reasons

  1. Theres better paying jobs on here
  2. Your post looks unorganized which implies how your servers will be run
  3. DarkRP sucks and most likley wont bring in donations

Starting up communities isnt easy, I would suggest starting out with 1 server and finding a lua coder you don’t have to pay (A friend, or learn youself).

  1. Its up to them not you.
  2. My Post is organized Thank you very much.
  3. DarkRP is good when it all comes together

Im not trying to start a fight, just give you advice.
And also when you say ‘them’ you are referring to me because I’m a Lua coder with a few years under my belt -_-

havejack stop argueing please.

Define “Any Stuff needed to code the server”, because I can easily say “Yeeeh, when I codes, I usually needs to wank so can yooou buyz me some p0rn? Oh and i n33d some b00z too!” ( without the l33t dialect ofcourse, I just wrote it like that so you could understand. )

LEt me just say I agree with everyone here.

Except Scooby on number 3.

I ran a DarkRP and made a solid 550$ from it over a period of 8 months. I hate DarkRP, but it bought me :

  • A Xbox 360
  • A Acer Iconia a500
  • And a brand new 16gb ram computer.


Nice job editing your post to a full stop.