Coderhire Addon Cloning Thread

Edit 9/14: With the demise of Coderhire and the appearance of a couple clones, I would like this thread to still be focused on recreating paid addons not limited to Coderhire. Gracias

The sole purpose is to find fairly easy/5 minute scripts that people are selling on Coderhire and recreate them for free distribution. I figure I might as well say this because at least one person will try it, NO copying the Coderhire addon’s code and releasing that; these must be your own work. You can even alter the concept of the addon to add your own spin to it, the point is to provide a free alternative to these addons so that people dont have to resort to leaking. So I guess people can request stuff here and then others can recreate them, it doesnt really matter if someone else already did it.

Here is a semi-up to date list done by Eloquence!!!


I’ll have a go at recreating the weapon upgrades addon tomorrow.

Alright cool, I just uploaded my Death Faker recreation to the Workshop!

I’ll be recreating Map Mirror today.

This is the greatest idea ever dude…I love you exho <333333

Thanks :slight_smile: You should try doing this with some addons, its a really good way to learn.

Kinda a bit of a dick move… Also, seems like these are just the scripts that you want; but don’t have the money to afford.

Not the scripts he wants but can’t afford

As it says in the main post, its only for the 5 minute scripts that get accepted to coderhire…not for the ones that people take a long time to make and are proud of.

GroupR does offer simmilar functions like Steam Group Rewards

Edit:// i personally prefer Facepunch links over Steamworkshop. It would b e nice if you could add them too :slight_smile:

can i post qac and say its the free version of CH qac?

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“how dare you release something for free and deny kids ez money”

Here, I’ll do it for you:

function hook.Add(blah,blah2,blah3)

To Whoever Hates Steam Workshop Addons:
I extracted them for you!

Loadout Menu:

Destructible Doors:

Gun Stats:

Death Faker:

Door Locker:

I’ll start on this one tomorrow if I have time

Gee like I knew there were paid scripts that had similar free versions but there are some that are almost identical.

good idea.

Thank god…I was about to pay for it :stuck_out_tongue: Make sure it actually works unlike his :3

That will be cool, I wanted to do it but couldnt find the models I wanted

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I rather not spend money on a script that I can recreate, thats all. This is just a place for others to do the same and share them.

if I can’t find them, I’ll recreate them



though the version above is quite shitty imo, I’ll make my own from scratch

Here’s my version of the TTT loadout menu that Exho remade. I re-wrote his from scratch to allow for much more configuration, and several design tweaks.