Coderhire getting shutdown - Now where do we download DarkRP content?

Codehire is getting shutdown soon, and I may be getting a darkrp server. So where else could I get DARKRP content?? I checked the workshop, couldnt find much :frowning:

Make your own, or use free addons. There are plenty out there if you look hard enough; Workshop is not the only place. There’s Youtube videos on how to create stuff, and plenty of releases on this forum.

I dont know lua :confused: I suck at coding

Yeah, you can pretty much get supplies here to get a server up and running. You don’t need some stupid shit to make the server nice. Sometimes I just want Wiremod, Wiremod UNOFFICIAL, and a basic array of building tools in my RP experience.

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Come on, I can throw together a php script to modify the DarkRP SQL database depending on price without trying.

The OP can’t.

How much would it cost to hire a coder

Most on this site usually dont mind helping you with your own code for free. Just as long as you arent asking them how to do EVERYTHING.

Now that coderhire is gone we as server owners are now independent. Do what code_gs says and make your own addons. Facepunch is helpful just don’t mind when they are irritated. You’d be the same way if you were dealing with the same thing everyday. Or you could just spend more money on the upcoming CoderHire knockoffs. Or hit up the Hire a Coder MegaThread in Dev Discussion.

I cant code worth shit all I know is basic basic python (Variables, strings, basic arithmetic, strupper() and lower, some other stuff I forgot) my problem is I want to code… But im lazy and I dont practice

Well that is going to be a problem if you want to be a good server owner.

I barely practice lua and fuck up alot but that doesn’t stop me from trying to run a good server. Determination is what you need.

When I saw this thread title I started laughing, and when I read the thread, I was like, oh god, this guy’s serious. Anyways… learn Lua, it’s worth it in the long run!

Learn lua or forget it

If you are not capable of coding for your own server, you should close it down. Honestly, it’s not fair that servers that actually have their own coders who put time and effort into their work get fucked hard because people ran servers filled to the brim with CoderHire crap.

Obviously your coder isn’t very good if people prefer playing on a server rammed with ‘CoderHire crap’ over your super ~unique~ server. Its player choice, people need to stop whining about selling scripts and start whining about players who prefer servers with the ‘Coderhire crap’.

We whine about selling scripts because it has effectively stopped people from releasing scripts, and instead they release them for $10 on CoderHire or some other site, and the community starts to become rather drama potent.

If you’re lazy you should stop right here and shut down your server because being lazy won’t get you anywhere.

I agree I shouldn’t have to work for anything it should come to ME.

Fuck does your school at least have a programming class or computer science class? I can about guarantee they won’t teach lua but if you learn one language you’ll learn lua much quicker & easier.

I dont understand why people say “IF YOU DONT CODE YOUR OWN CONTENT YOU SUCK!”
I dont understand why you guys think it is bad to download a GOOD pre-coded addon!
I agree that servers that use overused addons suck, but please explain, why is it so bad to not have custom content???

@Kman43759 “why is it so bad to not have custom content???”
Probably because using the same shitty HUD and Derma for so long becomes stale and overused.
Variety is the spice of life.