Coderhire getting shutdown - Now where do we download DarkRP content?

Only servers that have had effort put into them deserve to be popular.

Click+drag CoderHire addons simply made the DarkRP section of the server list a clone of “CUSTOM SERVER PLZ JOIN M9K $99999 START”.

I don’t think it was the fact that you use addons that are pre-coded. It was more the fact you said you want to code, but don’t because you’re ‘lazy and don’t practice’.

Well this is JUST my OPINION. But I feel like if somebody doesnt know how to code, and downloads GOOD, original, pre-coded addons, they could still have a good server

Yeah theres a possibility, but for the most part people just slap good looking addons together and make a cornucopia of “modern” addons. You dont HAVE to know how to code to create a good server, despite the belief here, but it helps a lot to make custom content.

Hiring coders vary by the complexity of the job. Look here to find one easily and get in contact to hire them.

Welcome to the internet, where your opinion has no meaning! Also even if the addon you download is original and good it is most likely on all the other servers seeing as you probably aren’t gonna be the only one to download it.

You can make a good custom server without the need to know how to code, you just need to know a few guys and have deep pockets.

Or just know what addons you should put in, what setup it should be, and decent management because hell, we are totally fine with that too. You don’t need to be flashy with some stupid HUD or something.

Summing up what you are aiming for, how you express yourself, the words you choose, how you say “i suck at coding im lazy plz help”-stuff makes me want to motivate everyone to either grab a bag of popcorn and watch you failing rockhard or just turn away and care about the more important aspects of life.

Nothing against you, but to me, you totally seem like an average teen server owner who just wants a fancy “custom” server without much effort or work from your side.

Sorry but that reminds me of those kids bragging with their tech stuff nowadays when actually their parents bought all of that.

perhaps you really dont need to code (although its a massive plus), but it doesnt mean you can do it in 5 clicks and be done.

servers take EFFORT. making them takes EFFORT. running them takes EFFORT. and you obviously are not putting in EFFORT

I dont have a server. But when I do I will devote alot of effort to it

wat. Logic?
What if your server encounters code related problems or incompatiblities between addons/scripts? What’re you gonna do with your lazyness and zero coding experience/practice then?
Don’t expect just pasting the errors on a forum and people spoonfeeding you fixed code you can just copypaste in.

Thats different from coding. I dont really find coding “Fun”

Then you’re not going to put forth the effort needed to run a server.

This is coming from someone who owned a server when they no longer found Lua scripting fun.

If you want to run a good server then it helps to know some coding. Whether it’s fun or not you’re running a server. You either do or don’t do and it looks like you don’t do.

To be honest, even if you plan to use exclusively Coderhire/Workshop addons, it’s still good to become familiar with lua in case you ever want to edit something or if a thing goes wrong

What you need to understand is at this point in time, DarkRP is the most shunned gamemode in Garry’s Mod history… Some people will like it if you make it unique, but uniqueness in this case would be having a vanilla server. I HAVE seen some demand for a vanilla DarkRP, so why not try that?

There’s a difference between the FP community and the GMod community. FP usually hates DarkRP usually because they’re all CoderHire’d the fuck out. FP craves uniqueness and GMod community just wants something that’s the same. They don’t care as long as they understand it.

I agree with you. I actually just make a vanilla DarkRP server with maybe a few extra jobs and a unique map that IS NOT DOWNTOWN, downtown is actually so overused
I like vanilla DRP better than all these modified servers… But thats just me

The thing I don’t understand is, you can’t code lua because you don’t want to learn it yet your thinking of making a server? At least learn some basic lua before starting up a server even if its “Vanilla DarkRP”