Coderhire: Sleekhud - no buy doors prompt

When i added this the prompt infront of doors to buy them are no longer there. Any help? I am using it on Darkrp.

Well I would only imagine since its clear who the author is, you should probably contact them about it

^^ Unless it is a leak…

Maybe you should understand what something does before putting it on to your server.

Although i agree with you Chibby, looking over something like an Anti Cheat or ARCBank with little to no lua knowledge, you’d be just confused.

However HUDs especially SLEEKHUD(if its code looks anything like the replica) has clean code. And i think it is placed straight into Addons.

Also, i believe SLEEKHUD is just that, a HUD, and does not alter Door nor Entity Display Properties.

lol, you are turning into bluebull!

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local hideHUDElements = {
	-- if you DarkRP_HUD this to true, ALL of DarkRP's HUD will be disabled. That is the health bar and stuff,
	-- but also the agenda, the voice chat icons, lockdown text, player arrested text and the names above players' heads
	["DarkRP_HUD"] = false,

	-- DarkRP_EntityDisplay is the text that is drawn above a player when you look at them.
	-- This also draws the information on doors and vehicles
	["DarkRP_EntityDisplay"] = false,

	-- DarkRP_ZombieInfo draws information about zombies for admins who use /showzombie.
	["DarkRP_ZombieInfo"] = false,

	-- This is the one you're most likely to replace first
	-- DarkRP_LocalPlayerHUD is the default HUD you see on the bottom left of the screen
	-- It shows your health, job, salary and wallet
	["DarkRP_LocalPlayerHUD"] = true,

	-- Drawing the DarkRP agenda
	["DarkRP_Agenda"] = false

Is that not clear enough… ?

What are you talking about chibby? i said it doesnt affect the door display??

Am confused at your comment?

chibby has no brain cells?

wait, this goes into the addons? i was renaming the cl_hudreplacement to cl_hud and replacing the cl_hud in darkrp

Yes it goes into addons, or DarkpModifcation which you should be using