After some drama and downtime, CoderHire is officially back. The site now has community moderators to help it run much more smoothly.

CoderHire was made to accommodate people looking for some custom work done for their Garry’s Mod server, and for coders looking to find work doing just that.

Here’s a screenshot to give you an idea. Everything below is from live data on the site.

If you’re a server owner looking for some work doing, a coder looking for some work, or just interested, take a look:

It’s great to see this finally back.

So does this mean the rules gonna change again?

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Not really asking OP more just a general question to Gran PC or some other mod.

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Also yeah. Great to have this back.

Absolutely wonderful! Will stuff be reset? For example, if some had left feedback, will it still be there?

Just checked and indeed it is.

Thank you _Undefined! I just posted my first advertisement on the relaunch. This site was a life-saver when I needed coders, and I found several competent ones that I use on a daily basis. I hope this will do the same. Great work, and I hope this site manages to stay up!

Today is a good day to be on internet

Congratulations on the reopen.

Glad my $10 i donated didn’t go to waste.

Nice job on getting the site up and running again.

But although I hate being the first guy to post a bug report, it’s kicking me back to the login with steam page every time I try to log in. Yes, I’ve tried clearing cookies.

Edit: Looks like it’s just on my Tower, seems to work on my Netbook. I remember the old site did this as well, so I guess it’s just a bug in the old code?

Did you unban that guy you thought was trying to cause trouble? To remind you, I had posted three links to the same job but didn’t specify that I was pointing out that it was bugged (the end date information was broken; the user HAD to make the job three times). You thought it was just spam, and banned the user. He came and politely explained in your thread what happened, and you said he was causing trouble and that he would stay banned. That’s when people started rating you dumb and you closed the service.

He’s unbanned, and please stop trying to cause drama :v:

Try clearing your cookies and cache on your tower.

Thanks for bringing this back undefined.

Thank god. I’m so happy.
Here, i donated five bucks. Keep up the good work man!

Yes! Finally. I was hoping it would come back, and it did. :slight_smile:

Haha thanks for that undefined.

Loveeeeee you.

you’re a boss Undefined

Really nice, very easy to use, extremely nicely layed out :slight_smile:

Thanks man. I was wondering if you would ever bring it back, lol.

Reputation given from a user who was banned afterwards is removed from your overall reputation? Just wondering why that is

Yes!!! Thank you so much!