What are your top 10 Coderhire Gamemodes or addons?

I don’t have a top ten, but I do have a pack with 500 leaked addons.

I can’t actually name any gamemodes sold on Coderhire that have been successful

The purge is revolutionary!

If I wasn’t a mod, I’d threaten to kill you

What does that coderhire Purge look like?

What about Jailbreak?

CS Source

It’s not original at all, only a (fairly broken) gmod version

But id still say its at least a successful gamemode that was released on coderhire.
Am I wrong?

i stillr emember when jailbreak was just starting

in cs:s, it was called hosties and only was on zm_lila_panic


haha oldfag

w0w nerd, isn’t it time for your pills grandpa?

My first play of jailbreak was the good 'ol halo 3 days, gee, I miss those days.
2007 till 2009 were good years.

There are multiple GMod Jailbreak gamemodes. None of the Coderhire ones became popular.

The popular jailbreak servers are usually either private or based on the free jailbreak

Oh shit, I’d say you’re right there, although I probably wasn’t thinking of it since it did exist before hand

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Rereading the comments afterwards, I thought the one by my_hat_stunks was pretty popular

You wasn’t that guy that hated Coderhire Servers on Games In Progress subsection and now you’re making a thread about favourite scripts?

Back in 2009, I used to play Jailbreak on a Czech CS:S server all the time.
The only downside was that I didn’t speak the language. Made some cool friends back then, though. All which are long gone and never to be found again :frowning:

purge was darkrp with a timer to rdm and minge around

not sure why people played it really.

Jailbreak was cool

It was a really lazy way to add some good action into darkrp basically.