Coders Needed.

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for viewing this thread.

My buddy’s and my community are going through a small struggle. We have one primary coder (which is my friend), and we would like more. We cannot offer much, but any help, even the smallest knowledge of LUA, would be greatly appreciated!

By helping, you would receive a unique rank of “Coder,” and get special items upon servers (only certain items).

Please respond here, or better yet, add me on steam and talk to me personally. I would love to meet you and talk about your position.

also only complete amateurs work for free
why would i take a shitty ulx rank and “certain items” when i could start my own server, get any items and any rank i want and also 100% of all donations

Because some people may not have the money to host a server. This is a “job” opportunity. If you are not here to apply, please do not reply.

robbo is right though, no one in their right mind is going to do this for free (giving someone a rank and “special items” isn’t payment).

You might get some 12 year old who says he can make your server “backdoor proof” and just steal all your server files at most.

Nah. You know how difficult is to code? People who are good coders here have been coding for years. If coding was so easy to warrant a ULX rank everyone would do it. Let me remind you too, people who are coding here do so in there off time i’d imagine as well. So imagine taking orders from some kid with a bunch of ideas and getting worked like a horse in your off time for a piece of text on some server that might shut down the next month after the payment is due and you get nothing else in return besides experience. You might as well gain that without the hassle on your own.

A lot of people do that. That’s how I found my friend and a guy named Focus.

What’s wrong with your “friend”?

I think his “Friend” can only code sleek DarkRP Jobs.

Why do you think the rank and in-game item are that valuable?

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If so I would make like hundred of printers for each person who help me and I can make them worked they arse for that printer because it’s so op and can print 99999999$ per sec

My friend needs help with a gamemode, as we are trying to put out the idea before 2016 ends. It’s a lot of work for one person. Focus, as I mentioned earlier, is already part of his own community. So he will not be helping.

Now, I’m not saying an in-game rank or items are valuable. I never said that. That’s just the only thing I can offer right now.

i love how this is what’s said these days
has 5 years really gone that far?

“Theres no such thing as a free lunch.” or better yet.

The MC of working for someone who doesn’t understand the difficulties of learning to code and the experience needed to do it effectively minus the MB of having a ULX rank DNE so therefore its in peoples best interest to simply not apply.



Best i could do for you then is this post edited twice. :godzing:

If you need to write “job” in quotes, then it’s not a job.

many coders didn’t work for free in the golden age either
difference being they usually started their own server/community and got paid in donations vs now where coders put their stuff on the global marketplace and take work with the highest bidder

if you can do something that other people want done but can’t do themselves then you charge them for your skills and your time, that’s a fundamental pillar of literally any economy in any country ever

only the top tier gamemodes such as sassilization and pulsar effect
as well as whatever the fuck Conna was pushing, Clockwork framework I think?
even then, that’s just so horrifically wrong it may as well be today as it is now

last i heard garry’s mod isn’t a country, and most devs actually wrote conceptual shit in order to put out for the community – not for profit (despite it being a fair motivation)

Theres a difference between coding for a friend / a server you enjoy playing in, and doing it for a random person making a thread. Its kinda like moderating

Missing the point.
(how is it like moderating? Do you mean the number of people who post asking for admins here? It’s not the same case.)

because its a job except theres no payment, thats the catch!

I already have someone who wants the job. Fuck the haters!

Just kidding. I do appreciate all of your opinions, as I do understand how hard it is to code. I was a small LUA coder at one point, but I decided it wasn’t the path for me (I would rather play games :P). Anyways, adios amigos!

Good luck with that. Theres nothing disgraceful about a coder doing something for free, but you’ll find it tends to repel actually knowledgeable people