Coders Needed

Today I am looking for some Coders that will help code a gamemode, please note, you DO NOT get payed before, you get payed after doing some coding. Please fill out the app below and post it as a reply.

Can you lua:
Are you good (Scale 1-10):
Sample of your work (If any):

After you have submitted a app, I will look over it and give you further details about the project over Steam.

ok i will code you 3000 lines and you will promise to give me my cash after right?

yeah ok

I would pay first, but now a days with all the scammers, I dont really trust people on the webz xD

neither do I

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heres my app anyways

SteamUserName: disseminate
Availability: always
Can you lua: yes
Are you good (Scale 1-10): 10
Sample of your work (If any): i made drugsmod addon on darkrp once

i expect $300 for this gamemode at the minimum

SteamUserName: disminate
Availability: 2 times a day
Can you lua: no
Are you good (Scale 1-10): 10
Sample of your work (If any): i copied scripts once

i expect $5 for this gamemode at the minimum

no your not stop it

$300? I just need some simple things done in coding.

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Dont post if your just trollin :stuck_out_tongue:

describe the simple things

Script together a Perp like gamemode

Sounds real simple man.

I know.

I hope you’re being as sarcastic as I was, because a “Perp like gamemode” is far from being simple. It’s people like you who don’t appreciate the difficulty in coding lua and the amount of strenuous effort needed to code gamemodes like that that make skilled lua coders not interested in helping people out.


“Some simple things done” is what you ask for, then you want a perp like gamemode.

It’s like telling a mason you need “some simple things built” then ask for a castle on the side of a beach. You should learn a little more about programming and game developing before trying to make a gamemode and asking people to code for you.

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Also, you “applied” for admin on a thread that’s nearly as hopeless as this one;

What is it you’re trying to do? Have people code you a gamemode for (nearly?) free AND admin up in some random DarkRP servers?

“Simple things” would be something like an exploding entity or perhaps a weapon of sorts. You’re asking that people code a whole gamemode.

dude do you know how complex PERP is wow if you want some thing like that then I suggest you pay allot of money or go to amazon get this book Link and sit down infront of the Lua Wiki

SteamUserName: Hyper Ostrich
Availability: Holidays
Can you lua: No
Are you good (Scale 1-10): 2
Sample of your work (If any): all by myself

SteamUsername: chrian35
Availbility: More or less every day.
Can you lua: Yes. I am experienced. However i prefer not to release anything i make, but use it for my servers.
Are you good (Scale 1-10): People says 10, but i think its around 5-6?
Sample of your work: Try our TTT server. ( I have made freaking lot of stuff to it.

can i be ideas guy

SteamUsername: PM me for that.
Availbility: Meh, most days.
Can you lua: I am teh baws at loohah (but seriously: Im good at Lua)
Are you good (Scale 1-10): 5-7
Sample of your work: Eh, FlinchMod, NPC WeaponMod, PM me for more of my private scripts.

sorry that position is filled