Any one looking for DarkRP lua coders?

I can do custom classes with custom models, admin classes, custom shipments, custom add ons, Custom cars, etc…

Add me on steam @ [Bishop] Mike Ock

Really cheap!

(User was banned for this post ("This is not the place. hint:" - SteveUK))

Basically, you can do what anyone with a basic knowledge of the English language can? Can you please go into further detail? Show some of your work?

What would you like to see?

You said custom add ons. Show us your cool Hitman system, your printers, your hud, your scoreboard and your car dealer. Oh wait you do not have any YOU coded. Use 10 min on DarkRP forums and you know How to do What you said yiu can OP.

You have literally got to be kidding us here, not only is everything you can do easily found on the DarkRP Wiki here:
but you’re also charging for it, I am quickly losing hope for garrysmod.

Edit: Sorry snorlax, accidentally gave you a dumb rate.

Getting really tired of all these “do want coders/coding simple shit anyone can for do$h” threads.