Coding doors in rp_tb_city45_v02n?!

Hey, I’m gonna use the map rp_tb_city45_v02n for my rp server, but not all doors seem to be coded there. I just wonder if someone could help me out here, since I’m a newbie in lua. A guy with a hl2 rp server coded his doors on that map, and I need to do it too… Unfortunality, he don’t wanna help me. I wanna code them so you can just open them using the use key.

I was on this map earlier, its a good map. Why not use the search tool to find what you are looking for?

What exactly do you mean? - THAT!

Oh, that. I thought you meant something else :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I did try that before, but I couldn’t find anything about the subject :S

EDIT: Hello? Anyone that care to help me?!

no :slight_smile:

Very informative…
Seriously, guys, I really need help with this…

EDIT: Okay, seems that no-one want to help me…