Coding help

So I need to be pointed in to the right direction since the new update to Garry’s Mod I have been very confused on what is the right code. Where is the tutorials are there any more, on the wiki or is that all old?

Not quite sure what your asking for here but, Garry made a list on what he changed within the functions.

You can also just search the Garry’s Mod wiki for functions you would like to use
or use the old wiki:

Hope that helps you out.

serverside functions
clientside functions

use the google doc from sudoxe to see what has changed, i personally still won’t like the new garrysmod wiki for about another 3 months until it is more filled in

you will see ‘Tutorials’ under both of my links, most of them still work, if not, i guess you’ll have to use the same common sense skills that are applied in geometry class =D

but DO read any Lua Tutorials on the new gmod wiki, i imagen they were written with even more clarity