What are all the coding languages that GMod can use?

Pretty much just lua is used. In MOTDs and loading screens people use web languages that I know jack shit about.
Here’s some good information

It’s just that I know a lot of Phython will that work in GMod?

I doubt that it would. Gmod uses lua more specifically Glua. I know it uses certain modules that are coded in different languages (such as MySQL).

Well, if you know another language that’ll lower the barrier to entry of lua quite a bit. Lua is also known to be fairly easy as well. You probably won’t find much use for Python in gmod.

If I remember, there used to be a module for Python in GMod, it just wrapped Lua mind, and it won’t work any more anyway.

Lua isn’t massively hard to learn, as you know Python you must understand the concepts behind programming to some extent, you’ll just be changing the syntax basically. Lua is a mostly interpreted language like Python so switching won’t be massively painful.

If you know a lot of python, learning lua should be really easy. Lua is like python’s lobotomized little brother.

Lua and any language that can produce a .dll module (C, C#, C++, Delphi, VB, .NET, Python, etc)

Wow. I never knew Lua was so easy to learn. Thank you guys!