Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 GIGN

*5 models.
*Bodygrouped gear, helmet, and goggles.
*Skingrouped visor and eyes.
*5-finger (rigged terribly) posing.
*Enhanced citizen eyes.
*Dynamic shadows if you're interested in that.[/t]

Models and Textures: Infinity Ward
Publishing: Activision (Stop making CoD already you greedy fucks.)
Ripping: luxox_18
Rigging: TehAgentGuy
Normalmap help: Lt_C
Testing: CrzyMLC, Ninja Nub, Infab
And those whom I can't seem to remember.


Neat, however I wish you had made the goggles translucent as well. Regardless, nice work.

Cool, I’ll use these sometime or another

Who needs translucent googgles when you have Swag. But really I agree with you, they should have been made translucent.

Awesome work ATP, looking forward to pose with these.

Although, i have one question: What’s their physics like?

I’m guessing they lose a lot, plus run away from a battle?

Nice models!

Why is the a Marselliaise so similiar to the internationale? This makes me unable to enjoy this anthem.

Anyway, I love the models. Rated winner.

The bumpmaps are inverted.

I am going to kill Lt. C.

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apparently it’s your fault, I’m going to kill you

rip in peace atp

Great release on the models.

better than the one which was already released

rip in pieces*

Link broken :frowning: anyone have this models?

Dont do bump this thread it being dead…

Make a request post