CODMW3 Inner Circle Models

Ladies and Gentlemen… May I present to you… BUNCH OF SAM FISHERS!

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] MW3 Inner Circle
[tab]Description:[/tab] Makarov and his Inner Circle models from MW3
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] GMod.

Image Below


Baptii55s Pic


Original Models, Textures : Activision, Infinity Ward, Sledge Hammer Games
Ripping Models, Textures : luxox_18
Rigging, Flex : tlsaudrl2548

Includes Makarov
Flex “Angry” works (delta didn’t work…)
Flex “Nothing” works kinda weird.

Have Fun.

Good job


Looks great, nice work.

Awesome, as usual.

I was following your progress on these, but I didn’t expect these mothafuckas to come out so soon.

Any change to get some GIGN models?

Awesome XD

I’m thinking about quit porting.
or continuing.

continue! continue! continue!

My favorite enemy faction :smiley:

Pity about the mask abscence, but otherwise, great work, so sexy.

Wow these look awesome.

Just get Price and then quit. Rebels with their masks, helmets and better rigging would be nice too.

incredible work as always! thanks for responding to my request. :smile:

Awesome work!


I tested them, they’re 'sum nice models!

Your work Amazes me Tlsa, Please continue porting.

It’s really hard to pose their wrists. Is there a way you can fix it?

Use thrusters.
first, paste thruster on the hand. and then rotate thruster or move it.

To Hide thruster, go Colour tool, set alpha to 0 and do it on the thruster

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I’m not being arrogant but my rigging is quite nice.
and I hate rebels, their normalmaps are ridiculous.
price and soap is too mainstream. and I don’t find any interest with them.

Nice tip, might try it out.