CODMW3 London Police Officer

[tab]Name:[/tab] CODMW3 London Police
[tab]Description:[/tab] Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 London Police officer
[tab]Requirements:[/tab] PC, Gmod, Fish and Chips
[tab]Download:[/tab] Mediafire


Still physics need to be fixed. You will understand when you get it.
Texture problems are solved. What a silly it was by now. Anyway, hope you to enjoy.

Fingerposable Only

Original Models, Textures : Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and… Activision
Ripping Models, Textures : luxox_18
Porting : dmlxo21(AKA HOT-DOG, Saviorsavor etc.)

Enjoy :slight_smile:

**p.s.**This is my first official releasing, so C&C&C

Update: Thanks to Sir** A Big Fat Ass**,
Here’s the texture c

Thanks, Sir** A Big Fat Ass**.

It’s the Filth :v:

Good release bro.

Cool !! Awesome !! 핫도그님 ㅋㅋ

I highly recommend not to use any other language other than English.
this is nice port. could have work more on it so it could have facepose and eyepose.

Anyway, why don’t you add password on your files? :DD

I have a PC. I have GMod. But I don’t have any fish and chips.

No download for me.

Buy some.

Do they have faceposing?

Fish and chips? Seriously, do you guys not know that actually curry is more popular here in the UK?

DLing anyway to fulfil some personal patriotic thirst that the Diamond Jubilee can’t really quench.

depends on if you live near a Ruddy’s mostly, if there’s a fish and chips shop that’s actually clean enough to stop you from gagging it’s normally reasonably successful

Fix the bumps. They’re inverted.

Does this come with fish and chips detection software? I do not have any currently, but I did pay for some, once.

Inverted-bump hunter has arrived. :DD

tho I find not so big differences between inverted and proper ones. you have to fix bumps.

Aw man

I want some fish and chips.

I warned him not to do and now he’s done it!
It will take some reasonably much time to make them expressions. Since I have to learn it, ha!


Some kinda symbolic thing to guy like me. I don’t know much about the foods in UK, but know F&C is well known.

I’ve heard Curry and Chips is popular in Britain, is that true?

It kinda is. Bear in mind that India (Curry’s country of origin) was under British rule for quite a while (and is in the Commonwealth, something like a club for countries who were part of the Empire but still want to be HM’s subjects in modern times), and in London and a few other major British cities there is a large Indian community. As a result, curry is quite widespread and popular - we Brits have had enough experience of Indian culture to willingly consume one of its foods on a regular basis.

In cities near the coast, the stereotypical cod and chips are prevalent. I found quite a few vendors when on holiday in Bournemouth and Cornwall, but in London, fish and chip shops are like the proverbial needle in the proverbial haystack.

Wait, is this a release thread or a discussion about English food customs?

Well, to make this sense, I should port some fish and chips too.

Still working on physics. Fixing the shoulders, legs and skirt(?).

great work LV’s hot dog boy
just awesome

material fix

left was before, right after

the arm looks inverted but the body isn’t, very strange

One thing so weird is that police is wearing tactical gloves?