CODMW3 Task Force 141 Disavowed

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] CODMW3 TF141 Disavowed


No more screenshots.
this is my last thread.
Thanks to everyone who cheered me up :smiley:

congratulations, no more mw3 porting korean.

They look better in source than they do in the MW3 engine. That engine is so shitty.

Turn off the shiny shader lol

다믹님 ㄳ


Nice release TLSA!

This is distress, gentlemen. :frowning:

Eeh, why? Why are you gonna stop posting stuff?

Requote :

We’re gonna miss your works, tlsa. :smile:

Oh, right. Well, we’re gonna miss your stuff man. :3

I salute you Tlsa, You have done good.

Nice models man your a real cool dude for all the cool shit you’ve done.

N’aaawww :frowning: You will be missed Man, you will be missed…

Awesome release though…

Goodbye tldsaur :'C

You will be remembered as one of the best ragdoll makers ever.

Can someone take a screenie of all the models?

Nice stuff.
Too bad you’re leaving, you’ve been responsible for some of the best models I’ve ever downloaded.

There are 4 variations of Price, 1 variation of Soap, 1 var. of Nikolai, 1 var. of Yuri and 2 TF141 Guys. (The all have bodygroups i beleive.)

None of them have any bodygroups.

Well yea but not all of them.
Masked one has some bodygroups.

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you don’t have to ask. :slight_smile:

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Thanks and…
Look who it is… rating dumb to you lol

and I’m not leaving FP I just quit this and not making anymore thread for some months

Is it just me or do you pump these guys out like a boss and do a good job doing it? By the way are you going to keep your profile up so more people can still get these models?