CoDWaW for Day of Defeat: Source

I’ve recently started a project that will replace the Day of Defeat models with call of duty world at war models. As many of you know you can’t replace the default models because it will fail sv_consistancy. Well after a while of searching i finally found a way around it.

Replacements to be done

Germans to WaW Germans
Americans to WaW Russians
DoD Weapons to WaW weapons

I may also do americans but thats a maybe

So far i’ve successfully been able to replace American_assault with a russian and pass consistancy. Here are some pictures

good effort. a bit of a downgrade though, since dods models are better(model wise and proportion wise) the hat models could be used on the dods custom soviet models though, by that one russian guy. other than that, looks good. midget body proportions are ugly, that’s all.

Another pic of Assault and 2 of rifleman

hi, just asking here since it’s related. could someone edit the ushanka onto these models? thanks click on the pictures for a bigger version.

Probably not i never did like those models

OMG this kickass. If someone is able to rig the WaW hand it would be awesome.


I would love to use those, great job once more Half-Dead.

You should replace the americans with WaW’s americans, not russians. What the fuck would russian soldiers be doing in France and stuff?


Well i’m probably gonna do american’s too as a replacement option

Fantastic work. Looking forward to more.

You should make the SMG’s with field caps and the snipers with camo on.

there’s some packs that replace the wall textures, like french words, with russian words, and map props like tanks with russian armored vehicles. what i’m more concerned about is why would these guys have such proportionally retarded anatomies? just look at these overgrown baby bodies. no offense to porter, all offense to treyarch/iw

This looks promissing.

This looks cool.

A Russian using a Thompson? Preposterous!

4:27 PM - Half-Dead: hey bloo
4:27 PM - Half-Dead: wanna help me with a little project im doing?
4:27 PM - BlooCobalt: whats the project


Yeah sure, I’ll help. Not much more work to be done, just animations and fixing stuff.


Like, porting v_models, hands and weapons, rigging the w_models, putting the models on proper animations, etc.

Fixed the MP40 thanks to Shotgunguy49

That hand looks awful.

I know it’s not mine i haven’t done hands yet

Replaces the thompson