Coffee vending machine

Hey, this is my first model ever, I ported it from GTA IV. It took 5-6 hours because the UVW mapping was a pain in the butt.
Sadly, you can’t put a cup there.

Here’s a picture:

And in-game:


Tell me the pros & cons.

Wow. Cool port. It’s like the first ‘real coffee machine model’.

Thanks, I will maybe make a version tomorrow where you can put a cup there.

I like it. Good work.


Thanks for the comments.

Very awesome port, good work! :buddy:

Textures are bad.

It is from gtaIV…

He retextured it.

Read the thread.
He PORTED the model.

we can no collide! ::DDDD

Reskin it for yourself if you think it’s so ugly. I think it’s cool.