Honestly did this model to Espionage Wars but was a really shitty port since the model is really messy to work (always import broken to 3d max ever Re-port it from xnalara) that ended up discard it, But as I could not sleep fine and Gmod/SFM lack a coffin that not was TF2 one, Re did the model again and largely spend more fixing and removing unnecessary vertex and doing some (little shitty) Normal map from 0 to inside.

The model have

-Bones (base top)
-HL2 Scale (Male_09 Scale but scale up a little)
-Coffin Top as Prop (Rigged)

Credits to
Platinum Games: Bayonetta
MindForcet: for Xnalara port
Me: Porting from Xnalara, Try to work and fixing and removing unnecessary stuff and vertex, rigging.