Can someone make open and closed caskets for comics i tried Kathar’s one but i couldn’t get rid of the PHW part
so can someone please check this out and try to have a go?

Meh,if someone makes it…how about a coffin that you can put ragdolls in and close it by a button on the side…i think it’d be more authentic

Kathar made one already.
but you can re-skin it to your liking

hey,retard he said he tried it and it dont work cuz of the PHW part O_o

Then I’ll reskin it, do you want the cloth on there or not?

ahem, please read the request carefully ShoTGuNGuY49… he said he tried using Kathar’s prop, but he could not get rid of the PHW, how is that hard to understand, he wants a completely different model entirely.

Anything you want me to add / get rid of?


I just threw on a normalmap

Not sure, add some ornate looking handles to the sides of the coffin, meaning, one on the front one on the bottom and two on both sides, spaced evenly where two people could easily carry them and have walking room.

I can try, It would look pretty bad.

If you could probably get rid of the cloth? so it’s like one you’d throw in the ground lol anyway looks cool

I could do that, anything else?

Nope. :smiley: