obligatory cocaine music

constructive feedback appreciated…

1982 was a good year.

Constructive feedback? Shave that guys (left) mustache… He’s asking to get shot! Haha. Other than that, it’s not bad. Maybe fix the finger posing, it looks a bit stiff and unnatural. I like the detail on the table!

That… cigarette (Joint? Cigar?) is rather large…

If its a cigar its about right, if its a joint i’d think the shape is off.

you guys… its an oversized cigarette form neotokyo , from which i forgot to shrink…

doesn’t the spy have a cigarette you can use? I believe that’s where I found mine.

Cheesecurls, you disappoint me. How could you not Eric Clapton?

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Great work on the coke on the table though.

i don’t really like to use the spies cigarette, its too lo-poly for me

The pic is cool too.

Ahh Shibboros… Been around forever, still haven’t been topped.