Cold and injured. Guardsmen, get to the valkyrie!

Hopefully doing things while wide awake will improve the quality of an image.

None of them are giving two fucks about fighting for their lives

If these guys are face-posable, I’ve yet to figure out how they work.

I think the posing is a lot worse then the last time. And if they aren’t faceposable, use their masks or something to hide how bored they are.

Elaborate, if you would please. What’s wrong with it?

Sure, no problem.

Best way for me to elaborate, at least that i can think of, is to try and recreate the poses in the mirror and ask yourself “Does this feel natural? Does this feel realistic?” Or, honestly, you could just look at their poses. The way the Sergeant’s (I’m assuming he’s a Sergeant) is standing, with his hip horribly skewed, his knees oddly bent and his legs twisted, does not look very good. The same goes for all the other ones, the way they are standing, or even laying down, does not look realistic.

The effects aren’t good either. What are they, colored lights?

The guy at the back seems to be the most irritating to me

Colored lights with muzzle flashes edited over them.

Retreating in battle is a sin against the Emperor and His will.


True enough. But, for a moment I forgot that these were the emperors men. Consider it non-canon.