Cold Blooded Trailer

I haven’t released anything in a while, but that’s about to change!

Cold blooded trailer!

Standalone movie, or actual trailer? I DECIDE!

Also this is the first movie to have the Frosted Productions logo.

Join today! :slight_smile:

Reuploaded with bonus footage

What did I just watch?

A film, contrary to the description, that is not R-rated (There was nudity, but not explicit), along with a random clip from Blockland.

the movie can be rated r, even if theres nothing bad in the trailer. also thats not blockland.

Well, Drunkard, the movie CAN be rated R, but the red screen in the background of the “This Preview is for…” is red, which denotes that there is mature content in the trailer, which there really wasn’t, aside from the partial nudity and some blood. If the movie were to be R-rated but the trailer didn’t have anything bad in it, it would have been a green preview screen.

I thought the red band was quite appropriate. It wouldn’t have the shower scene if it was a green band. I know, I work in hollywood.

I actually work in Ultra Hollywood, I would know better.

I’m actually Ari Gold + Steven Spielberg + Stan Kurbick + Adam Sandler + Celebrity Chef , and TV Personality Alton Brown!


This is good, Stick with this kind of stuff-Random, non meme comedy. Much better then the serious ones you have posed awhile ago.

They were serious!?

I’m considering re-making Peter Jackson’s King Kong in Garry’s Mod, and name it:


Starring Rick Astley

Good idea Fumpy, just loose the caps and rename it a bit.

im happy that u guys like it :smiley:

Who said they liked it? I sure didn’t.

I liked it.

No need to be an ass Fumples.

I’ve seen the game at 0:42, I think it’s called “Minecraft”.

My question was who said they liked it. If you liked it, then there, but you never mentioned anything about liking it.

It seriously was pretty broken, though. Drunkard does not have a great reputation for making good videos, and this doesn’t exactly help him.

That is true he has a terrible reputation but if you encourage the guy he’ll try to do better.

You think I have a terrible reputation?

Pretty much.