Cold day in France

Haven’t posted anything up in months, thought I’d have a wack at it.

Nothing special just something quick, enjoy.

Needs more laser guns. Nah kidding.

Nice atmosphere. It’s war, it’s raining and everything is just to damn depressing. Have a artistic.

I wish sourse was capable of making puddles… that would be fucking sweet…

oh yeah and nice posing

Rain is quite good. Posing is good and the lighting on the character is nice.
Burning on the doorway seems a little unrealistic though.
Atmosphere is nice.
Some splashes on the ground and maybe on the guy’s helmet would have been nice,

Looks awesome.
Splashes wouldve’ made it epic.

Burning is great on the soldier is great.

That’s really cool.

I think what would have really been the ‘cherry on top’ was if you made the street look ‘wet’. Give that sort of rainy day glaze :slight_smile:

Great work overall, at least there’s still familiar faces from the day that still stick around.

Originally it was going to be a street firefight but my Gmod crashed on me, it was late so I worked with what I had.

Appreciate the comments guys.

And yes, I’m still lurking around. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just for the sake of argument. Not sure about the wish for water splashes on the model.

Notice the ledge there? One would assume a roof over.

Well yeah, the point was he was sheltering from the rain.

it’s you again :swoon: