Cold Night Out

First time trying rain, I feel like there’s room to improve, but eh. Tried to sort of fix the aliasing on the ODSTs outline, but it’s still there.

I really like the rain there, great posing and lighting overall.

Angle is p good.

Thanks, although now looking at it, I could have had more layers for added depth for the rain.

Great work.

Looks great as always.

Nice work.

Just beautiful…

The blur is getting on that dudes foot.

I’m really digging the lighting, but it could use a bit more emphasis on how you can see the ODST units… like if they sort of… “had reflections?” or were a bit more visible? whatever ignore my ranting, it’s actually really nice anyways. you deserve a medal lol

I’m not too sure what you mean, I think the brightness is just right, but thanks.

Completely missed that, drat. Thanks for pointing that out though.

sexy as always

Thank you.

It’s been great watching you improve over time from super small scenebuilds to making great forests and landscapes, continue on!

They look kind of like they’re floating, IMO. I could be wrong, of course.

They sure aren’t. Are you talking about all of them, or the one standing in the door? I can see how it may look like it with that piece of boot showing under, but I made sure they were not floating this time around.

Aww, thanks mate!

Very atmospheric, great lighting and posing.