"Cold nights" Rebels talking in their makeshift camp


Second time making snow.


Remember: artistic’s if you like it!

Great editing and ligthing.

Snow has no depth :smug:
But its pretty good!
I hate those damn default models tough.

Wait, shit, I knew there was something I forgot.


Waiting for updated picture

Well, I fail at making depth, so I have no idea what to change :C

Well everything else is good.
Except those crappy low res models :smug:

Excellent fire and snow editing. The pose is great too. I don’t see anything wrong with this at all. Artistic’d.

Nice fire and snow, but the snow lacks a little depth. The lighting on the rebels don’t match the colours of the flame imo. Other than that, nice.

Quite nice but, as Santz said, the snow could do with a few more differentiating layers. Also, as stea1th mentioned, the lighting on the rebels is sort of yellow/green, but the fire is yellow/orange.

Reminds me of my picture i made http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=835546 though your fire is much nicer than mine

the fire should be brighter

I wish I could edit fire, the best I got is snow!
But yeah, excellent picture you got thar!
Arty’d Because it’s Purdy Darn Epic!
(Tutorials on fire?)

"…so then I- hey what’s up with him? Sleeping already? points to guy on mattress
“Him? Oh no, he’s dead.”

picture is taken
“A Combine Advisor raped him right up the ass, actually!”

stares at the corpse for several minutes.
“Well hey, I wonder what other cumbersum objects will fit in there!”

I like the fire, as everyone has said snow is 2D BUT it looks very nice.
Get art’d