Cold not showing but still reducing health - and fire doesn't help - Bug

I am standing near a fire - obviously not too close. My health with the fire on or off is steadily going down. I am not cold, no radiation. I have eaten, so my food is 100. I did take radiation, but that has gone to zero, and my health still decreases 1 by 1.

I think this is caused by snow biome. When I move to brown earth area it stopped. There is no indication what is wrong and why my health is decreasing. But I assume it is cold because I am standing on snow.

So, maybe the bug is it is not showing the cold temperature? I am dressed in full cloth, vest and poncho. The clothes prevent the cold message, but the cold still makes me die?

Just want to report this bug. The health/fire/eating system is pretty bad overall - it takes a little while for health to increase near a fire (which seems wrong). The eating/fire system is no intuitive - or simple - like legacy. I can stand next to a fire and be like “why is my health not increasing?”. It’s not a simple enough, intuitive system now. And with this standing on the snow bug, I am standing next to a fire and my health is still going down.

It’s not the cold/snow area. I am in forest, and same thing is happening. Something is causing my health to keep going down. But when I make a new fire and light it, it stops.

FP, can you please run to a rad town in game, wait until rads go to zero, stand near a fire, and watch health go down for some unknown reason. Thanks.

Recommended fixes:

  1. Remove the long delay when you stand by a fire, fully fed, and 50% comfort, and you health does not go up. Then it starts to increase. Remove that 3-4 second delay.

  2. Fix this bug where health keeps going down, after rads go to 0, and you are standing near a fire. It is like the code keeps ticking down your health by mistake.