Cold of duty[Russian soldiers in the snow]

Meh title meh.

Thank you Joazzz for your I-have-no-words-for-this-epic-shit edit. :love:


Nice job on the editing.

Look like they needed to chill out

Very nice to both of you :smiley:

The snow is rather lacking in depth and a lot of the drift is far too sharp. I’m not sure whether breath would come through a balaclava that strongly either but then I don’t exactly wear balaclavas much.

God dammit what is with all the snow pictures?

New models. :smiley:
Also you didn’t comment the posing :saddowns:

It looks good enough. The fact I didn’t comment on it should tell you it’s okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

really nice!

i like the pose and editing!

Why thank you very much.

Ooh ooh! How about “It’s time to kick some ICE!”

Good work Rick, the edit is nice. Like Chesty said though, snow lacks depth and is a bit sharp.


“Yuri, I just came up with a great joke. We’ve answered the *cold *of duty! AHAHAHA! Get it?! Cold of Duty!”

“Fuck off.”

“Damn that was cold…ahehe…”

Maybe his hands wouldn’t be so cold if he wore gloves with fingers! :v:

Anyway, the pose looks pretty good.

The guy behind him’s posing looks kind of bad, but it’s hard to tell with the depth of field and massive snowstorm.

the snow on the guy out front looks too small, it almost looks like noise, oh wait…

Decided to edit it.

It’s better, but there’s something off about it and I can’t figure out what.

The guy needs some snow on his goggles and suit, also snow breath.

maybe if from his mouth a white Exhalation comes out :slight_smile:


have an artistic